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2019-2020 season registration is now open! Classes begin September 9th!


LUXE offers introduction classes for first time cloggers!  If you’re just starting clogging, or have been clogging for less than 1 year, these are the classes for you!  We welcome dancers to use their tap or tennis shoes for the first month and when they love clogging, we will happily assist in getting the correct size used or new clogging shoes!

The Learn classes are for ages 3 to adult, range from 30-60 minutes and cost $40-55 per month! Learn classes are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday!  Click this link to see class time options!


After learning the basics of clogging, we welcome cloggers with 1+ years of experience to sign up for our EXCEL classes. 

The EXCEL classes are for ages 6 to adult, range from 60-90 minutes and cost $55-80 per month!  The EXCEL classes are offered on Wednesday and Thursday!  Click this link to see class time options!



Curious about clogging and want to try out a class?  Click the button below and register for a FREE LUXE class and we’ll be in touch to talk through what class would be best! 

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